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true element.

Break it down: what makes neon special are the building blocks each of us brings to work for every brand, every client, every day.

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looking for the
sweet spot? meet
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Let's go beyond the impressive résumés, decades of combined industry experience, and shelves crammed with awards. What you want is an agency that's awesome to work with.

Time for some speed dating:

Mark Arnold
Mark Arnold
EVP, Managing Director

neon is an agency composed of experienced talent with an entrepreneurial spirit. This combination has led to rapid growth, with expertise in garnering insights and developing strategies, going beyond the traditional promotion and providing analytics to establish neon as a core element of success for our clients. Our "channel agnostic" approach means we can create an opportunity for every brand, and with our core competencies in every facet of today's marketing needs, we can leverage our experience for young and old brands, as well as yet-to-be-born brands.

Kevin McHale
Kevin McHale
EVP, ECD, Managing Director

At neon you won't find "creative for creative's sake." You won't find divas. And you won't find just writers and art directors. You'll find thinkers, collaborators, innovators, and pioneers. You'll find the best creative allies you could hope for. With a talent pool that is both deep and wide, and a sense of commitment that is limitless, we always prefer to plunge into the deep end of the pool, because that's where we find ourselves in our best creative element.

Risa Arin
Risa Arin
SVP, Multichannel Strategy

The days of a "print campaign" or a "one-off concept" are dead and gone. Today's multichannel agency works to ensure that each and every marketing investment works as part of a holistic plan to drive the most business impact possible. We bring the basic elements—print, web, social—together to compound success. Because done right, 1+1 equals much more than 2.

Serena Rosario-Stanley
Serena Rosario-Stanley
Director of Digital Production

Like an 808 drum loop, the digital agency has a pulse. And my team keeps the beat, every day, every job, working with every single hand that touches your brand, including you, your internal teams, and external partners. No matter the tempo or the volume, we're in our element 24/7 to ensure that all of your "e" tactics are a grade "A" success.

Manning Leonard Krull
Manning Krull
Director of Technology

Our elements have magnetic properties. Think of my gang as facilitators of communication, making sure your brand's powerful message is delivered smoothly and effectively. We build interactive media that's device responsive, fast loading, easy to use, and perfectly optimized for search engines in order to help draw your audience to you.


see what we're made of. then see what we can make of your brand.

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creating memorable
brands and careers.
it's elemental.

We're proud to work with each of our partners. Together we're working toward a healthier future.


our ideas reach
across the world,
but they start in
New York City.

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(212) 727-5600

Business questions? Contact Mark Arnold, Managing Director

always looking out for you...
and your next big success.

just when you think we're
gonna zig...ZAG.

you know what they
say about big hats....

"we will, we will SOLVE IT!"
(repeat 763 times.)

the shard of memory.
the seemingly pre-programmed PING
that echoes in your mind.

the relentless desire to solve puzzles.
also sprach Columbo:
"oh, uh, one more thing...."

you'll need a locksmith to
get into more markets.

you've gotta love what
you do if you wanna do it
better than everyone.

copy so lean and tender,
it should come with wet naps.

we know your markets.
we know your targets.
we know your favorite pizza topping.

it's like a buddy cop movie in here,
every damn day.

book? check.
street? you know it.

any medium, any time.
and twice on Sunday.

if Richard Simmons and
Anne Hathaway had a baby,
they'd name it neon.

we believe in ourselves,
our mission, and our ideas.

share the work,
share the success.
every job.

we're going places
because we've been places.

you + us = youus.
which is not really a word
but sure is fun to say.

hey, what the f— I'm concepting
here! I'm concepting here!

ever hear of the leading edge?
we're leading it.

we. walk.
the. walk.

we can make you fall in love...
with a 24-page slim jim.

every second counts
(even when you've stopped counting).

earway ooentflay inay
igpay atinlay, ootay!

there's a reason
for every rhyme.

we keep trying to bottle it,
but there isn't a bottle
strong enough.

we are the sworn enemy of yawn.

MJ? Jim Harbaugh? Larry Ellison?
we'd eat them for brunch.

we put the funk in Strunk & White.

doesn't come in a serum.
not just wasted on the young.

our petri dish of excellence
runneth over.

we kern because we care.

now where did I put
that monocle....

you think we're this
efficient by chance?

poppin' bottles with
business models.

every success starts with a dream.

the sun's gonna rise in the east,
and we're gonna meet our deadlines.

in NYC?
was there ever a doubt?

there's a method to our
madness (not to mention
4 or 5 hundred references).

au courant?
de rigueur!

your bottom line is top of mind.

we've got words,
we know how to use them.

bend us, shape us, any way
you want us. long as you love us,
baby, it's all right.

it's all about the work-life balance.

and it shows.

come get to know some of
the best minds in the business.

you've got to shine to
stand out in this city.

in a single lunch meeting.

when you hang with KOLs,
you need to be on your game.

honed daily.

we've got a bank-load.

find out what it means to you.

if there's an answer out there,
we'll find it.

like a hundred little Fonzies.

making connections is
second nature.

it's not the dog in the fight....

this is the only time you'll ever
get a light bulb cliché from us.

hey, all that experience has
to be good for something, right?

the agency abides.

if targets don't get it,
we'll never get them.

mash-up of multitasking ability
and that extra dash of flash.

we're big in Japan.

entrepreneurial thinking is expected.

Eskimo, meet refrigerator.